I started training with Johnny back in 2009 when he opened TUFF. I did regular one-on-one training with him as well as attending Boot Camp classes on my off days.  Not only did I experience a whole new style of training, but was educated on proper nutrition and how to stick to a healthy diet. In one year I was in the best shape of my life. My body became very lean and tight, especially my core muscles.

In May 2010 I found out I was expecting my first child. Since I was use to working out so vigorously, my Doctor thought I should continue exercising, so I continued training with John.  Because of his extensive knowledge and expertise, I had total trust in him.  Johnny trained me up until 2 days before I had my beautiful, healthy and strong baby girl. I started training again 6 weeks after she was born.  It’s now been almost 7 months since her birth and I have my figure back and I’m even stronger then before.  Thanks Johnny for all your help.