FisherCat Stadium First Responder Fitness Challenge

Hosted by CrossFit Tuff benefiting the New Hampshire Police Association.

Athlete registration page

First Responder Fitness Challenge

Made to show the athletic prowess of our heroes, this competition will let them go head to head with each other!

The Challenge will showcase the many athletic feats and skills it takes to excel in their fields.

Registration is open to Police, Firefighters, EMT, and active Military branches.

Event #1 “Cruiser Pull and Man Down Carry”

90 second time limit. Athletes may start event standing or seated in large tire. Athlete then pulls police cruiser “hand-over-hand style” for 100 feet. Once the cruiser passes 100 foot mark a judge will instruct athlete to move on to the “man down carry.” Athlete will then pick and carry 150 pound sandbag 100 feet to the finishline for time. One drop of the sandbag will be allowed, second drop will be marked for total distance.

Event #2 “Urban Assault Course”

5:00 time limit, staggered start times, 3 athletes per heat. This event will be an all out sprint over numerous large obstacles and through certain parts of the stadium. This will be a true test of agility and cardiovascular endurance.

Event #3 “AMRAP Attack”

7:00 AMRAP “As many reps/rounds as possible”

(x10) Barbell Ground to overhead #95 (*any version of ground to overhead acceptable, clean and jerk, snatches, etc.)

(x10) 20inch Box Jumps

(x10) Overhead Kettlebell Swings #53
(x10) Burpees

Event #4 “Final Event, Super Medley”

We will let as many athletes into the final medley as possible all depending on timeliness of the day. At least the top 10 athletes will be in Final Event, but we will try to get you all in!

This event will be a combination of “suicide sprints” and strength movements! This will be an awesome all out sprint that combines strength, power, agility and muscular endurance.
Event will run like this:
A) Athlete starts with 50lb sandbag, sprint 200 feet to wall, drop sandbag, scale over wall, come back around, pick up sandbag and run back 150 feet to station.
B) Athlete then does 25 “sandbag goblet squats,” pick up second 50lb sandbag and “farmer carry” both bags 150 feet back to wall, drop bags, scale over wall, come back around, pick up sandbags and farmers walk back 100 feet to next station.
C) Athlete then does 5 “wall over burpees,” athlete then PUSHES loaded sled 100 feet to wall, scales over wall, PULLS sled back 50 feet to final station.
D) Athlete reaches final station and must must flip tire 50 feet, entire tire must be over the line, then sprint 200 feet to finish line.


Schedule of events for today are as follows:

0800 Athlete check in
0830 Athlete Meeting
0900 Event 1 Cruiser pull/ Sandbag carry
1030 Event 2 Urban Assault Course
1200 Event 3 AMRAP
1300 Event 4 Final event “Super Medley”
Followed by awards.

If we finish events early we WILL bump up the start times of other events, but will give you all plenty of notice.

We will be assigning heats Saturday morning. Running order will be in order of latest to earliest sign ups!

We will have a 50/50 raffle going on to raise money for the NHPA, and will have lots of other things to see and do.
Events will take place in and around the stadium. There will be a designated competition floor and we ask that your friends and family please respect that boundary. It looks like it will be gorgeous weather so bring some chairs and tents!