The Colonel

At 55 years old, I can say I am back in great physical shape. The journey back has been one that has included a change in attitude, diet and exercise.  Recently retired, after 36 years in military service, I look back at the past few years and realize that even though I was able to always meet and exceed what was required on the Physical Training tests, I really was far from being in “fit” shape.

A number of factors played into my weight gain and health concerns. I survived a tour in Afghanistan, in 05- 06. I experienced firsthand the randomness of IED and suicide bombers.  Within a 10 day window of time I was hit by both. As an Airborne Ranger, I did what we do and pushed through. Then 49, I still had the younger guys trying to keep up with me as we humped the Afghani Mountainside. When I got back, I quickly was back to my job, running the full time operations of NH Army National Guard. Long hours, stressful days and I slowly started to pack on the pounds. I put some medical issues that were the result of deployment on the back burner and wasn’t sleeping or eating properly.

Fast forward to Jan 2011, I am now 54, 220 lbs and see a picture of me taken at a friend’s wedding. I didn’t like what I saw and was determined to change that. Even though I was still working incredible hours, I made a choice to make time for exercise again and to put my health first.  I would be retiring in just a few months and wanted to start a new chapter in better shape. The first thing I noticed was that it was a great stress reducer. Once I started back at Johnny D’s TUFF, I knew that I would be successful. I began regular “Boot Camp” sessions several times a week. With John’s nutritional guidance, along with using Arbonne essential products, I was soon losing pounds and inches on a weekly basis. I made time to address my lingering medical concerns and soon was back to feeling much better.

Training at TUFF was just what I needed. The atmosphere is one that draws everyone in. It is fun and challenging at the same time.  Whether you are a seasoned TUFF client or there for the first time, the work outs are geared to all fitness levels. Boot Camps are never the same, whether it’s the exercises or the interval times of the circuits, you never get tired of participating and just when you think you’ve got it mastered, John adds something that challenges you more. Everyone receives personal attention and soon becomes part of the TUFF family. John focuses on the form and function of each exercise and when you get that down, the progress just continues and the results come.  I never thought I had 50 pounds to lose, but I did it and am ready to take on the next challenge in my life. Thanks to Johhny D’s TUFF, I am back in the shape I was in when I first joined the Army.

I now coach the majority of Boot Camp classes at TUFF, and assist John in coaching some of his personal clients and teams. Having been through this journey I now know, more than ever, the challenges of weight loss. Facing these struggles has left me even more dedicated to helping others in their mission to get back into shape. I bring a lot of positive energy and old fashion hustle to TUFF, while teaching classes, and getting people to push that extra little bit makes my day! I love “paying it forward,” and will continue to help the other family members at TUFF as long as I can!


Rich Before

After and NOW!