John Duncan, aka, “JohnnyD”

Fitness is not only my profession, it is my life. It is something I have been focused on since grade school because of my life long battle with Crohn’s disease.

Through the years, I have grown from gathering information and educating myself on health and wellness because I had to, to doing so because I wanted to! I became driven to not only be “healthier” as a person but perform better as an athlete.

I have had some amazing coaches, teachers, trainers and different influences in my life, and I would like to leave a similar legacy. I want to be remembered as a positive light in someone’s life.  I believe in living a healthy, balanced, active, FUN lifestyle… and I enjoy and believe in leading others into that same lifestyle!

With my ten plus years of experience in multiple fields of health and wellness, I blend together the best fundamentals and concepts of all my studies to bring you fitness as a whole. A complete and balanced life.

CrossFit shares that same passion and enthusiasm for training and life. The ability to take so many different modalities and bring them together into a community, into our daily lives, is what I truly admire.

Current Certifications– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer- WKC/AKC Certified Kettlebell CoachPast Certifications/ Licenses

– Certified Personal Trainer ISSA
– Specialist in Sports Conditioning ISSA
– Sports Nutrition ISSA
– Youth Fitness Specialist IYCA
– Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist
– Specialty Sports Massage
– Muscular Therapist/ Chiropractic Assistant

John is also a competitive amateur strongman with over 7 years of experience. He holds several titles and records including New England and New Hampshire’s Strongest Man in his respected divisions. In 2007 John competed in Las Vegas for the North American Strongman Championship and placed 9th in the country.

After two hard years, including a motorcycle accident and several serious injuries, his goal is to be back amongst the best in the country this year.