Alex Inman


I have been involved with fitness from my childhood. I ran track and cross country competitively from middle school all the way to college. After reaching college I began to move more into the field of functional fitness in conjunction with my training to be a Marine Officer. Over one summer I spent time designing a fitness program for a stay over sports camp in Maine in addition to being a waterfront lifeguard. The following two summers were spent at Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps in Quanitco, VA. During the school year I became a personal trainer as well as a head lifeguard and coached my peers in the elements of fitness. During my senior year I became involved in Crossfit and after coming to Tuff got my Level One certificate. I am currently awaiting assignment to The Basic School for the Marines. My passion for fitness becomes being prepared for anything I may face in the fleet and Crossfit provides the best avenue for that style of training.

Certifications (past and present):

  1. AFAA Personal Trainer
  2. Crossfit Level One
  3. Crossfit Mobility Trainer
  4. Crossfit Judges Course