I contacted John about getting my high school lacrosse players into TUFF. I shared with him the need for the boys to become physically stronger and faster, but I also noticed a need for them to be pushed extremely hard together towards a common goal. As young athletes I was also concerned about their eating habits. John assured me that by working with him he could make the boys warriors! One month into CrossFit and the boys who are participating are noticeably faster and stronger. John has measurable goals for the boys to meet and they can actually see their progress. What I love about John is his ability to actually “teach” how to properly lift and take care of your body. He spent a lot of time making sure the boys’ form and technique were proper so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. In addition to that, he set up a nutritional seminar for the boys and their parents to explain the importance of eating the right kinds of foods. This experience has been amazing because I have been able to workout side by side with my athletes, having them push me and me push them, and watching them support and encourage each other. We are excited to begin the second month of training and it’s safe to say that I will be recommending that my athletes train at CrossFit TUFF from now on. Thanks John!